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JULY 28, 2014 - DEC 31, 2014
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Merry Christmas 2014

To deal w/~$36 bil/yr , must add on already poor population &/or cut , , , ...

Egypt's total education budget for 100 mil people is 100 times<than oil revenue for a few dozen ppl in Qatar.


Those in mustn’t throw rocks around. ’s in , , forced -led to declare .

woes +v deep & v long will force to abandon ’s 44-yr minority brutality & 44-mos war against 75% .

is THE key to ’s .
A few yrs of $20/bbl makes Asad too pricy to save & a .

's brutal acts ignored ’s

could make Iran & too to save.

Rough ignored 's weaknesses. could make him & / too to .

Effect of on :

Consumption of 92 mil bbl/day x $50 drop/bbl=$4.6bil/dayx365 days=$1.7 trillion/year / 12 mos=$140 bil/month

48% is war on .

Why would let Saudi harm Iran?A: Saudi is only that can harm / for US.

’s could end if deep drop is sustained long enough to render too for & to .

A sustained in $ could turn ’s into milk before he on & .

"politically motivated", "", “” vs , interest of

$ bottom?

Answer: Depends on when & attain their aims; namely, & on & .

Behind lurks / .

A sustained big drop would test whether & are -.

Consider today the 1000s of by their own gvts, without , some to , in 1000 Abu Ghraibs every Arab own.

Dust to dust

1980-92:~$100b+300b m3 = 6th largest world exporter

2008: depletion=100% wheat by 2016

Dec7,2014: bombs .

June 9/10,1982: lost 64 MIGs to Israel.

’s r dead vs Israel humiliation; busy killing .


“The greatest problem facing the is that has superseded it as the most influential in ”.
, Ldn. 8/2006.

Typical =~20% of .

, glues them.~80% ' revenge: Become .

, ultra , 0 , mega can be explained:



in domestically & from , & may induce to keep 6 yrs of record low rates for yrs more.

Age-old religious hatred+’s rivers of blood made / coexistence
Alawi refuge on hills is inevitable.

’s killed more of his fellow than killed in & .

-  ruling = ~20% of society:
Unelected ++ +unsavory , = ~80%.

r PMs/ presidents.
Saudi & preach: Women r light on / & most those in r women.

Disagree: ++2/3 of world Muslims in democratic countries.

Arab men & women should enjoy same dignity. 

The is forever alive.

& planted potent seed in Arab heads: is compatible with .

Petrified of , with/without or P5+1 , hapless will be even more in future.

Current World’s ratio: ~50%.

As Arab doubles in ~30 years, ratio is expected to become ~25%.

=30 ltrs/cup

- In 1784, 300 yrs after the was introduced in , still considered printing an undesirable .

2007-09 ignored acctg for $17 bil income, &/or wasted on regional :

You can bring & & make the , until either the water or the money runs out.


Are Sharia laws changeable?
Answer: Yes.
Prophetic Hadith can be read to make Sharia modernization possible:

Best against IS is MB .
is terrified of democracy wind.
US must aid Islam’s democrats.

can be . As deputies of they reveal HI infallible on all issues. 
ulama cannot.

believe in return to the Earth of the .

To , HI concept is . is last & final .

underlies divide.

is an . is a of Islam.

But, he can reverse. 

While is in Khamenei is His deputy, revealing HI’s opinions.

ruling classes=20% of .
is the that keeps the group together. 
Dissolve the glue and the .

6 yrs of near rates on -term is certification that today is .

As tightens, 'll run to to revive 1920-1936 short-lived .

It’ll be

Learn story.

hasn’t enough to feed itself.
85 mil pop need~85 bil m3 to grow
Egypt has~50 bil m3.

lost on .

Morsi can demolish

vassal Cannot

$15 billion is the estimated to of maintaining 15,000 .

  council debated & resolved to allow  in chamber. Members already applauded on 3 events.

helped create regime, which protects, which , which bred 9/11, , & .

Is it or behind:

drop vs $ from Y76 to Y114 in past 3 yrs?

drop from $108/bbl to $78/bbl in past 5 months?

1 Person Annual  Use:
1 cubic meter for  
75 m3, household chores 
1,000 m3,  
 uses 90% of world water. 

1 kg =15500 ltrs water to grow

1933: - Act passed to prevent bank .

1999: Admn repealed .

2008: .

Solution: Reenact GS.

Celebrate parliamentary , best to claim that democracy is innovation (bid'a).

Nahda's congratulated secularist win in election.

Contrast: Arab royals forever. Army tyrants' 99% farcical .

has become the shining star for to follow to deliver them from their rulers' yoke.

Celebrate ’s   Party’s  , best cure from   .

2008  debacle was caused by ignorant  & board members, flawed  &  & banks run by .

 votes today:
- coup against democratically elected  
leaves  ’s parliamentary  to .

US fined bank owners $100 bil. while reckless - behind the 2008 banking  got away with obscene ill-gotten .

Protect society’s financial integrity. 
Restore  Act of 1933, repealed in 1999 by ’s Admin.

Instead of raising to meet potential losses from financial products, ban risky products.
Just shut banking.

IS stoned in 2 to death

verse 24:2:“The adulteress (zaniya) & adulterer (zani) flog each a hundred lashes".

634: defeated as abused Eastern .

Now: winning vs rulers.

could have secured the realm had he acted like a
Instead, he chose , destroyed , & ' future.

focus on kind like 29:46, 2:62, 2:136, 2:256

focus on verses like 5:33, 8:12, 9:29, 47:4, 66:9

spent on .

But, magic turned on magician. Now, Riyadh spends to control 9/11, & IS it bred.

 palace  help their benefactors kill political opponents. 
They exploit verse 4:59 to order blind  to Muslim .

Fatalistic obsession in , in , , & in turn into walking .

As US become independent its control over pricing & volume will remain a against , , & …..

Could the mentality behind two in mid 1800s to force sleep the be at work in today to dismember the dragon?

IS benefits from its shared hatred of: 

 & its  incarnations  & IS preach: 
 are light on brains & religion & most of those in hell are women.

’s Mafia & genies of 9/11 & IS Levantine ' abode. 
US, protector of Saudi, should take them.

   is like 
It  at the touch of a  caused by domestic or foreign .

must be laughing at US confused and confusing politics. He turned a peaceful against into a world war on IS.

Of 1.4 billion , Wahhabis are tiny 0. 018%.
, Islam since 1932, it bred: 9/11 + , , & .

Of 1.4 bil. world :

200 mil. & 1.2 mil. . 1 bil. non-Arab in democratic states & 400 mil. Arab under tyrannical regimes


UK political parties conferences: 
hate the
poor strive to become rich. 

That US “underestimated” IS threat is like its failure for decades to see the danger of    & 9/11.

World’s nastiest disease is the
Invented by (with UK help). 
Protected by US. 
It bred 9/11, , &

  brainwashing produced 9/11, .
It set the world on fire. 
Now,  is screaming fire, fire.

's beastly destruction of makes him the of the modern age. majority will never forget or forgive.

Hope sense of justice ensures that , of the modern age, will not gain from US attacks on IS.

Disgraceful that US Arab allies vs IS are  &  no less evil than IS.  
 bred , 9/11 & IS.

Illegitimate , lost 50% of , killed, maimed & made refugees 50% of the population, still shamelessly claims .

- is home to Arab, , , , Turkman, but called Syrian Arab Republic, as if only Arabs exist

- US-protected invented , spent blns preaching hate, bred 9/11 & IS, is now fighting to save itself from the it bred.

Did ever offer psychopathic to kill fewer kids than
Or, killing kids is their conscious strategy?

US has moral duty to give to .
protected , who radicalised , bred 9/11, & IS.
- All   wear ’s hat. 
The ’s 4:59 orders . Palace  preach blind obedience to benefactors as .  
 political and corporate  leave office upon ; natural or getting 
 is rarely an option.

Admn. gave to & enabled .
Admn. refused arming ’s 2011 revolution, fortified & Iran, & bred IS.

are fighting:
Other , over “true” 
& over "true"
, over “true”

- #Islamism need not be anti-US.
#Saudi is most extreme Islamist, yet a US poodle.
Might #IS follow the Saudi example & gain US favor?
- That #Riyadh deflected #Wahhabi culpability for 9/11, #Qaeda, #Taliban, #Shabab & #IS shows its influence over US media & politicians.
- US protection of Saudi radicalized ; breeding 9/11, , .
Morally, US must take Levantine as refugees.

, poor & illiterate, crushed by illegitimate tyrannical kings and presidents myopically see through .

- Christians who support tyranny brought disaster to
Tiny Alawi minority cannot majority forever.
Military training of Syrians in could produce new , who would defect to ranks.

- On 9/11, boomeranged. A got out of the bottle. It metastasized. is its latest cancerous growth.
 - #Arabmasses, downtrodden, poor, illiterate, unhealthy, oppressed by illegitimate tyrannical rulers are ripe for picking by .

is neither legitimate nor benevolent. Tyranny for decades, now is like 1994 after the .


- Would Mr. regret allowing ’s beastly destruction of the way Mr. regretted not intervening in ?


- The criminality of ’s 1994 and ’s beastly destruction of life and are blights on Western .

- 1800s: Wahhabi al-Sauds revolted twice against  "corruption" of .
Today: wants to end  "corruption" of .
- US bombing of delights & .
But, masses; poor, illiterate & abused by tyrannical will support IS.
's house on fire:
  vs.  Wahhabis.
Wahhabi Islam vs.  parliamentary  
- In starving ’s revolution of arms, allegedly to keep from , US benefited , Iran & .
IS took ’s US arms.

Now wants the world to rescue ’s economy.


- In 1501, made Iran to energize his wars against .
Today, brought to so that US saves him.
- Chutzpah
#Saudi king warns US & EU of terrorism.
H. #Clinton said Saudia is a 'critical source of terrorist funding:
is fantasy
Democratic ideology cannot defeat
's 4:59: Obey Muslim authority
- In 657, in Siffin, near , was 1st Muslim civil war:
Caliph Ali vs Syria’s ruler.
Raqqa is still famed:
lost it to
- The Quran condemns kings (27:34)
To discredit  kings' rule in 's name,  crafted a  and made himself

- Is ’ treatment of ?
MB type parliament enacts modern laws
#Salafis see as heretical
Result: tamed salafism
- For a wise voice in the wilds of :
“The end of
By Avraham Burg
The Guardian
15 Sept. 2003
- US War on has failed: is stronger today than on 9/11.
For better results: Stop .
- #Beheading and are at the core of the penal code of the of and .

chief attacked / .
But, Qaeda & IS are .
invented and imposed Wahhabicult in 1932.