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JULY 1, 2015 - DEC 31, 2015

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JULY 1, 2015 - DECEMBER 31, 2015


- The is 90% .
Take your pick

’ll burns 4 . Why? 
Syrians dislike
50 yrs of Asads, still don’t study, visit, or speak Russian. 
Love & .

’s final dumb act:
A colony. 
Tiny Alawi % can’t survive in that sees them as heterodox. 
Read history

8 yrs of near zero $ meant in to (gvt+private) & in to .

is a stooge & friend. 
What if Russia befriends Wahhabi
What if IS & US become friends!

Wittingly or not, /+ destroyed , aided , opened / war hell, & bred +brigades of
Now cry wolf!

politics in has left the on fire with tons of around and a bully dictating events.

Decades of + alliance with proved unholy as incarnations from to ,, ruin the world.

As most of their $ export come from , $20/bbl can make + paper tigers & hapless too heavy to carry.

With the 9/11 out of the bottle, even if + forces erase , ’ll fill the world with .

Watch 4 disconnecting the way of life from the committed by Saudi-raised Tashfeen Malik.

Now that huge from every Tom, Dick, & Harry are bombing in , says "me too". 
It simply wants to be at the “table”.

Warning , "raised the specter of ". 
Dumb ’ll destroy what's left of + future.

Macho bets on a short
$40/bbl can’t sustain a long war. 
15% of is
Syria'll be Putin’s long-term .

kills to keep .
No Asad=No Putin. 
Despite 50 yrs of still don’t study, visit, live, buy, or speak .

let get away with murder. 
Asad bred & blackmailed the world. 
To kill IS, kill Asad & build a  .

#Qom+‪#Putin must realize ‪#Asad’s illegitimate, tyrannical, heterodox 10% can't abuse ‪#Sunnis forever. It is against ‪#ME nature.

That 60 of the world's strongest can't kill a rag tag upstart is pathetic. 
 That gvt. is keen to join this odd bunch is baffling?

Even if + armies kill , tons of will rise to fight another day. 
Bombs can’t kill .

As r bombed by +, ’ll breed & turn the world
Ideas r mightier than bombs. 
Fight w/ ideas.

Downing ’s jet is as much a warning from to as it is to + to pay attention to ’s interests in .

-  armies+ Iran/Asad/HA/Iraq can’t kill
Brigades of 'll be born. 
Only post- Sunni army can kill IS

Amoral + would destroy a big / if a single enemy fighter is rumored to be there.

Mr. ignored ++Gen +Gen  advice in Feb 2013 to arm revolution. 
Was it to appease ?

50 yrs late! But, better late than never.
"Saudi Arabia, an ISIS That Has Made It" 

wouldn’t be here today if Mr listened to , , Gen & Gen advice in Feb 2013 to arm .

goes, ’ll lose
50 yrs of grip, Syrians still don't study, visit or speak Russian. 
They love /.

, a thug, ganged-up with the worst enemies of ’s 75% citizens. Together, they killed, raped & demolished a beautiful land.

’s rush into +’s rush to leave Iraq & interest in letting get away w/ left the on fire & the in danger.

+ who pretend shock at heinous acts should instead disclaim the IS invokes to justify criminality.

- When walks away the falls apart. 
 It did in
 So, , 's vassal, bred and chaos hit the world.

/ refused to help ’s revolution 4.5 yrs ago. 
Thus, enabled
Fighting IS = Removing Asad.

- $42/bbl=can’t sustain L/T aid to
Time favors opposition to wear out Putin. 
His “ is a .

$43/bbl is too low for a long war in ; thus, his
 Like , can turn Syria into a long Putin .

's game: Eliminate all opposition to except , then present the world with the choice between Asad & IS.

In peddling , must realize that +7 uncontested w/ approvals ~100%=0% legitimacy.

Wait for to possibly make spin the as being planted by the or or , not .

reckless 's new
 "Russia will pay price for Syrian airstrikes, says US defence secretary" 

welcome 2 is hypocritical. 
It helps the that overthrew ’s only freely elected president+breeds

Wining & dining Sisi in , a toxic putsch officer, is not only hypocritical, it fuels .

Hypocritical of to roll red carpet to , a putsch officer who deposed , only freely elected .

Thanks to , ’s moment arrived when ++ embraced .

10/25/2015:  affirmed leader
10/26/2015:  arrested smuggling 2 tons of drugs.
Any link?

Lessons from
majorities must never abuse /
Alawis/Shia minorities must never dream of ruling over Sunnis.

sends 50 troops to
Brazen : Move w/o reference to leadership. 
But, fraudulent 99.99% are te!

For 600 yrs was tolerant rite. 
Wahhabicult (~0.2% of 1.4 bil Muslms) radicalized Islam. 
Bred 9/11,,...

To cut ' demand for , cut the supply of walking bombs from & .

- 1900:Allegedly al- revolt against was to restore ’s purity.
Today: is in revolt to restore Wahhabi purity.

If in don’t throw stones. 
20 mil (15%) of ’s pop are

is ’s tool to weaponize political
It did in
It might do in .

can decide when to occupy , not when to get out. 
US can it a-la-

is reckless. 
+/ weaponized Islam in
US+Saudi/ in ?!!

Three have combined of about $6.5 trillion, or 36% of US GDP.

Q1 2015: Four had > $4.6 trillion in –-almost 45% of the total deposits for all US .

In building nuclear plant, recklessly ignores the lessons from , & disasters.

urgings+1/2 day off work+E£500 penalty 4 non-voters=
<20% participation in 1st phase.

The lobby's against clean energy. 
"UN scientist Jacquie McGlade raps UK over renewables" 
By Roger Harrabin 

1990: The 5 biggest held<10% of industry
2014: The 5 biggest US banks control 44% of the $15.3 trillion in assets.

2015  = Reward to embrace of parliamentary democracy in Tunis+Morocco+Egypt. 
US,too, must help Arab democracy!

The ignored ’ 2015
=mortal danger to non-representative tyrannical royals & army gangs.

No from to
 The per capita cost of a indiscriminate kill must be dirt cheap.

assumed tolerance. hate-the-other bred 9/11++... blitzkrieg Needed:New sectarian map

“holy” water on ’s killing machine is & ; an recruitment gift.

That does not order his poodle to stop makes him complicit in the killing of ’s kids.

West should do the same.

- wins the for 2015.
Salute a true , , leader of the party .

- That doesn’t order to shift ’s museum antiques to makes him responsible w/ Asad+ for destroying human heritage

Entrapping in + is a win. 
'll keep , ship tons of armed --even work with brethren.

’s blessing of ’s war machine w/ “” is evil+dumb. 
The water’ll be . Read book.

The sight of blessing ’s killing machine is
 +  vs  = jihadists & rivers of blood.

raised value in D.C. 
If decides to stop Putin, SaudiA can mobilize tons of . It did so in / war.

is salt on wounds. 
can still redeem themselves from crimes by siding w/ ’s 75% Sunnis vs Putin’s invasion


is Russia’s
can Islam in as it did in to bankrupt & demolish the .
- Warring on side of ///, breeds more Islamists+inflames / wars.
Should read war book.

- Farcical: heads panel despite breeding 9/11+treating as +killing hopes 4 .
- Whenever I go through the ordeal of I curse in for breeding the 9/11 flying .
- beware: Fighting in =Fighting Islam in .
Afghan war (1979-1989) led to collapse of (1991).
- / won (1979-1989).
#USSR collapsed in 1991.
#Putin beware: war is a !

- Naïve to expect and other fight Wahhabi brethren.
Instead, they’ll support the IS hoards.

- Naïve to expect // defeat . +other will defend their "true" from ”.
- Naïve of to dream of intl coalition to fight .
masses will join IS hoards to "protect" from the “”.

- crimes+hatred of much of the world toward due to atrocities since 9/11 are behind refugees’ hell.
- plagued the world w/ the 's 9/11,,,, +.
are paying the price today.
- deeds (9/11,,,,,…) made much of the see , especially, as .

split on over whether d should risk infiltrating ,, savages ruin EU life+

Beware of $ for new & in
$ for & in = that’ll breed deadly cultural .

- Shamed for banning , blitzes :
Took 2 mil!
Truth:These were expat engrs,drs,tchrs,bnkrs who built Saudi for 50 yrs
- On 9/11, boomeranged.
Invented to into blind submission to , it bred flying .

- As lost 2 , wars erupted.
vs:/... 4 true Wahhabism
4 true Sunnism
4 true
- invented enmity of 2 unite +win gullible .
Qom threat also keeps Israel united as the Arab threat vanishes.

trucks drove 200 miles in open desert to .
Where were 's ?
Where were the 's ?
- Naïve 2 expect fast end 2 flow of
regional shall fuel decades of / vs
- Hail 's ruling win of most cities in vote today; a blow 2 / lie:
- can & must save :
Order & to transfer contents under their control to .
- Long-live .
The next might be a of roots.
The Steve Jobs' father was a Syrian from .
- Ever wished moved to 's during the mandate (1923-1946)?!
Our Radical BFF,
By: T Friedman
But, he knew Saudi evil 4 yrs.
Why now? Selling deal!
- under gvt control in & should send best historical relics to main world museums to protect from thugs.

- The 9/11 spreads more devastation:
confirms temple destroyed”
- Savagery+hypocrisy
razed ’s ruins, blasted , wrecking ’s heritage, yet all circumambulate
- 's politicized court sentences 3 al-Jazeera to 3 yrs for reporting non-gvt-sanctioned .

- palace indoctrinate the masses that the order for blind to their tyrannical benefactors= .
  beastly acts are celebrated by and other orthodox for being in defense of the "true" .
August 25, 2014=2,217 
June 8, 2015=5,166 (+233%) 
August 25, 2015=2,926 (-57%)
- crimes:
razed ruins, blew-up Buddah, leveling heritage
Transfer humanity’s roots to safe world museums
-Volatile !? Wait.
No 1 can predict the lurking that'll unfold from ending 7 yrs of ~0% rate policy.

After , expect 2 keep the pot simmering on borders 2 delude gullible that it’ll “liberate” 4 them.

- The 9/11 brought world hatred to
Empowered by P5+1, endless between & Arab Sunnis will burn.

water can make a bloom, till $ or water vanish. 
1993: $ poor = 70% cut. 
2008:  poor = abandon wheat 100%.

- Instead of reenacting Act 2 stop bk , wants rises 2 cover betting .
Sure, he repealed G-S!
His repeal bred +2008 ruins
Reenact G-S
- folly is set by ruling elite exploiting economic circumstances.

- Greenspan:Raise capital & shelve Dodd-Frank
Better:Ban bank gambling. Re-enact Glass-Steagall, repealed by Greenspan
 - "Saudi Arabia’s Agricultural Project: From Dust to dust"

- don’t , don’t : An assessment of 's experiment in desert agriculture:
- 1992: became world’s 6 th biggest .
2008: No more water. Wheat growing ended.
Cost: ~$150 bil+~300 bil m3 .

Oh, the haplessness and hopelessness of royals. 
A Bigger =Bigger GCC poodles begging for protection.

- +’s aid to ’s 10% against 75% (while + watched) destroyed & bred .


- is ' best model 2 fight // war on democracy as being evil to kill Islam.

It bred 9/11+ /// & .
IS might very well the alSauds.
- -enabled & -protected, disgraced /+afflicted the world with 9/11//// & .

- Abused by tyrannical regimes, see IS as the path to empowerment to challenge victories in +///

- who express shock at acts would do better to declare whether the IS invoke to justify heinous acts are or .

- Today’s vicious / wars'll energize the next 1,000 yrs of even more vicious wars. Each is vehement that is on its side!

SaudiA may go broke before the US oil industry buckles

IMF est the budget deficit will reach 20% of GDP in 2015, or ~$140bn

are light on & beliefs.

+ (each for own reasons) allowed destroy .

Result: empowered + birth of .

Main teaching: is west conspiracy to kill .

is a reconstruction of , incorporating their ,, , differences

7 yrs of abnormal ~0% makes it impossible to predict what lurks in ’s box to bedevil the path of return to normalcy.

As interest % rise, effect of 7-yr ~0% will bewitch
Will rise b scientific or kept too low 2 save on cost of trlns of ?

baking: High capital ratios 2 cover risks.

Better: Ban gmblg. Best: Reenact , repealed by in 1999.

is sick.

Blame Admn for 1999 repeal of Act, which bred 2008 & econ ruins+7 yrs of ~0% interest rates.

Admn’s repeal in 1999 of Act ruined the system & the & beyond.

1999: Admn repealed Act; turning into .

2008-Today: system & the in ruins.

If treat their brethren well, Arab Shia would shun
Why? enmity bet Arab/Persian is historically deep.

As long as regimes abuse their citizens they’ll be handicapped in confronting .

Naïve of leaders to tell gvt to share power w/ to fight .

’ll never allow its vassal to share real power.

is world’s deadliest

Invented by , enabled by , protected by , it bred 9/11,,,,+

alone can’t kill . must decide whether + invoked by IS are authentic or not.

IS’ll live till new strong is born

Iran/Iraq/HA/Asad+ can't kill won't kill bros

In all is a source, main source, or d only source of law+

teach parts of the way.

is like . It lurks in the until the of , , or it.

The belief in anestheticizes the . It justifies past failures and future misdeeds as being the -of-.

is win-win for :

Big trade+bigger royal poodles petrefied of +huge arms sales 2 Shia/Sunnis 2 kill each other.

#9/11=bankruptcy of .

victories=bankruptcy of regimes.

deal will empower , intensify 1000-yr old / wars &

drive of Sunni Arabs to .

Age-old between and doesn’t dry.

is ' best recruiter. Ahead: Rivers of blood for decades.

World’s greatest is the
's will exploit ’s fin troubles to & against the EU.

Achieving will cement the , solidify the , boost global & make Mrs world's top leader.

’s debt disaster will spur ’s fiscal union, which together with the 's monetary union will cement the EU & fortify the .

Biggest loser in r the kids.

Learning that r criminals+terrorists & is OK will breed future .

might , but the always repays, in full.

Good kids repay the of their deceased .

As 61% agreed w/ & co that / r /+ is OK, ’s frayed+ sank.

In calling & acting as if default is ethically acceptable, Mr corrodes the fabric of ’s young.

A vile lesson & co taught youth:
are + & is ok. Let others repay!

accused d of “ responsibility” & accused lenders of “” instead of thanking them for the .

r nutters driven by a invented by ,empowered by ,protected by ,& bred 9/11///

The German gvt decided to shutdown "several coal-fired plants in order to reach its ambitious climate goals by 2020"

can save the .

concerns drive toward from .

Great news to celebrate:

G7 (June 8, 2015) reached historic agreement to phase out use by end of century.