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JAN 1, 2016 -

Started tweeting on July 28, 2014
Hafiz Asad was behind the bombing of US barracks compound in Beirut on Oct 23, 1983 that killed 241 marines :

Hafiz Asad, not Qaddafi, was behind the downing of Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie on 21 December 1988:

The Asads added a verse to Machiavelli's "Prince":
Kill your opponent at the slightest suspicion.
Trump's WH must know:
Xian Putin+Shia Qom/HA+Alawi Asad are IS' best recruiters--can't kill IS ideology.Only big US-armed Sunni FSA can.
For 700 yrs Sunnism dominated
Then came Wahhabism w/ insane extremism & hate-the-other culture. 
It bred 9/11, irreparably harming Muslims.
Trump's WH must realise that Xian Putin+ Shia Qom/HA+ Alawi Asad can't kill IS & its ideology
Only US-armed Sunni FSA can.

- High-tech silicon valleys sent smoke-stack jobs abroad, casing chronic unemployment. Needed: Govt infrastructure works+food stamps+healthcare

51 secondsHigh-tech silicon valleys sent smoke-stack jobs abroad, casing chronic unemployme
Brexit cost GM $400m in lost sales
ABB sales to UK 56% less City’s $120 trillions of trades+Euro clearing will go back to Eurozone
 - FSA is a part of Syria's tolerant 600 yr old Sunni Hanafi culture.

New WH must arm & make GCC rulers who fund rebel groups unify under FSA.

A yr after criminal bombing of defenceless civilians Putin is going crazy over failure 2 kill the Syrian revolution before next WH arms FSA.
ASADs 10% minority tyranny polarised+radicalised sectarianism.
As the ASAD Mafia departs, Syria's moderate Hanafis will restore old democratic elections and parliament.
Islamist extremism of certain Syrian groups in a 5-yr war is an aberration.
After ASAD, the age-old moderate Hanafi Syrian shall prevail.
Anti-Asad Alawis are true heroes.
They suffer the tyrant's thuggery because they refuse his gold & stand-up to his wicked deeds.
In Syria, 50 yrs of Asad's fraudulent secularism 7th century family laws and courts of the Arabian Desert are still alive and well.
- GCC 40 yrs oil rev. est.=~$10 trlns spent on arms, wars, Wahhabism, palaces, desert farms, golf/ski + slave labor
Inventions benefited world: Zero

- Shia Levant is a tantalising mirage.
US gave Iraq+Syria to Qom, not to make Qom a ME hegemon, but to ignite Sunni/Shia wars. 
Qom fell for it
- Desperate to kill Syria's revolution before the next WH start to challenge his aggression, Putin's beastly attacks'll become even more savage.
Jordan MB embrace of parliamentary democracy is big.
Joins Tunis, Morocco, Egypt, Syria democratic MB--best to modernise+develop Arab world.
Stingers for the FSA.
US/Russia affair is zero-sum.Next WH must stop Putin sticking his finger in US eye.
- Short term Syria is v complex.
L/T is simple: 10% Alawis, even w/ HA/Qom/Putin can't subdue the 75% Sunnis.
Time to learn Islamic history.
- History’ll curse Asad the Psychopath.
How would the grandkids of Asad apologists feel when they learn their elders promoted Syria's Nero!?
- ASAD, an illegitimate tin-pot psychopath, son of a Putsch, killed 100000s, calls revolution "terrorism".
ASAD defenders are his partners.
- Syria plan won't work:
Putin is eager to quickly brutally crush the revolution before next WH.
US is keeping him hostage there till next WH. 
- A Qom ruled Levant is a mirage.
Like its enmity of Israel, invented to rally Iran behind Khamenei.
Total waste of badly needed $ in Iran!
- Brexit, an earthquake that can destroy not only investment values but also UK's reputation as a stable safe environment for foreign capital.
- Brexit’ll ruin UK prime investment reputation.
Loss due to Brexit is same as loss due to army putsch or nationalisation in a banana republic.
- Brexit myths:
Point-based migration
NHS £100m/week
No VAT on fuel
No £ to EU
Dire warnings from Japan Gvt+
Back of US trade queue
- Arab ulama won’t reform IS Wahhabi creed.
US fire can’t.
Erdogan Islam can. It democratised MB Tunis+Rabat+Cairo (till SaudiA ordained Sisi).
- Obama is leaving behind a ME on fire.
Is it incompetence? Or a deliberate strategy to entangle Sunnis/Shia in endless wars?
- Qom's dream of a Shia Levantine empire is illusive.
It'll spill rivers of blood for generations among Islam’s 85% world Sunnis & 15% Shia.
- Asad destruction of Alawi future in Sunni lands proves that in religion intoxicated & racist ME, minorities must never rule over majorities.
- Brexiters must be so proud to see their very own, Nigel Farage, sharing the platform with The Donald.
- IS can't be killed by Xian (US/Putin) + Shia (Qom/Alawi/HA) + non-Arab Isla.
Saudi ppl won't kill Wahabi Bros.
Only Arab Sunni post-Asad Syrians can.
- Syria should matter to America, not only for moral decency but because world's 1.2 bln Sunnis feel Syrians pain, which recruits jihadists.
- Failure to crush anti-Asad revolt could seduce macho Putin to use the most horrific weapons yet (to the cheers of apologists) before next WH.
- Failure to win in Syria, as honeymoon with WH could end on 12/31/2017, macho reckless Putin is more bloodthirsty.
Afghan nightmare beckons!
- Obama's inaction in Syria = gains for Putin politics+IS ideology.
Next WH should realize Syria's value to US interests in the ME.
- Obama's disinterest in Asad destruction of Syria bred the IS genie.
Raised Sunni ire against US.
Putin must love it.
Big job awaits next WH.
- Alawis suffered far more calamities & death under the Asad tyranny than centuries of poverty, neglect & discrimination under Sunni rule.
- Asad rule is illegitimate:
1963 army putsch+7 comical referendum+1000 Abu Ghraibs.
+ 10% Alawi minority can't subdue 75% Sunnis forever.

- 820 km border, Euphrates+Tigris rivers, gentle Hanafi Islam, music, cuisine/customs pull Turkey+Syria together.
Syrian refugees: Please Learn Turkish.
- Sharing 820 km border+mild Hanafi Islam+cultural affinities=Turkey+Syria kinship.
2.7 mil Syrian refugees: Do learn Turkish.
- The message from Aleppo:
Putin/Asad won't prevail.
The next WH will decide ME map and the depth of Putin quagmire.
- In bombing hospitals to kill enemies of the tyrant, Putin/Asad stooped to history's bloodiest killers.
Sunnis'll never forgive or forget.
- To kill an opponent, Asad/Putin would demolish a whole hospital with its patients, doctors, nurses.
How beastly can those evil monsters get?
-Putin is frantic bombing Syria before the new WH can create a new Afghan nightmare for him.
Low oil $ will make his nightmare even darker.
- Putin is trapped in Syria, at mercy of next WH
Lifting Obama's ban on anti-AF guns'll replay Afghan war
Expect cruelest bombing before 2017
-Putin is trapped in Syria, at the mercy of the next WH.
Meanwhile, he is cornered tightly.
- To boost consumer/mkt demand, an ounce of fresh optimism is more effective than all BoE+Treasury potions.
Brexit killed consumer/mkt optimism.
- Bombs alone can't end jihadi terror.
Needed: Erdogan's Turkish democratic Islam to confront Saudi/IS/Qaeda Wahhabi Islam.
- Had UK Gvts funded NHS/welfare properly, anger against migrants would not be as sharp as it is today & Brexit wouldn't exist.
Up NHS funding
- US ME strategy:
kill MB democratic reforms
Aid Wahhabi SaudiA
Aid Qom
Tie Sunni/Shia in ME wars
Terror in Europe/US? Collateral damage.
- Reducing 43-yr UK/EU intertwined domestic & international affairs union to a simplistic "In"/"Out" referendum makes mockery out of democracy.
- Hinkley Point must never be about £.
It’s about safety risks.
Remember the calamities at 3 Mile Island+Chernobyl+Fukushima?!
- Abandon Hinkley Point nuclear plant project.
Reckless to ignore (for any reason) the 3 Mile Island+Chernobyl+Fukushima calamitous lessons.
- Brexiters are doing Putin's bid to weaken UK+EU.
"Is Vladimir Putin deliberately destabilising U.S. politics?"
http://uk.reuters.com/article/us-putin-politics-commentary-idUKKCN1072WE …
- Trump wants a weak EU/Euro 2 raise $ status as world reserve currency
Putin wants EU broken 2 dominate Europe
What do Brexiters really want?
- Likelihood of an Arab Sunni Martin Luther?
Zero %.
Alternative is Tunis & Morocco parliamentary democracy.
It can modernize Sharia laws.
- To fight terror, coax Arab tyrants to teach Arab youth philosophy, not theology & free-will, not predestination.
- Bombs alone won’t work.
To pacify terrorists, ulama must disown the violent parts of the script IS & other Wahhabi nutters invoke.
- Bombs alone won’t work. Ulama must disown the violent parts of the Script IS & other Wahhabis invoke to justify heinous acts.
- Seems US post 9/11 ME policy is to help extreme Islam:
Embolden Iran in Iraq+Syria, bolster Wahhabi SaudiA & watch Sunni/Shia wars burn both.
- Was Saudi Gvt involved in 9/11?
Of course Not.
It was the Saudi Wahhabicult that radicalised Sunnism & planted the 9/11 seed in nutters head
- Democracy is a sharp weapon to fight Islamist terror.
Erdogan's democratic Islam helped Morsi/Ghanouchi/Binkirane turn Arab Islam democratic.
- Unless Brexiters can calm mkts, £’ll drop.
To prop £, UK current a/c deficits’ll force BoE to up int%, depressing GDP, jobs & wealth.

- Now that Mr. Cameron has left No. 10, he’ll have time to reflect on the unholy messy uncertainty his cataclysmic referendum precipitated.

- BoE tools are weak to rescue:
.£: Huge current a/c deficits
.GDP: Int % at historic low
.Q easing: High St bank lending too risky
- A market is not a single market unless free unfettered movement of both capital AND people is unconditionally guaranteed.
- UK imports > 50% of food needs
Cost of perishable foods on the rise
"Sterling's fall could batter UK's fish & chips"
http://uk.reuters.com/article/us-britain-eu-fish-idUKKCN0ZQ0H0 …
-BoE dilemma is what to prop, £ or GDP.
Since current a/c deficit is huge (£100 bn/2015) & int % already v low, less GDP & lower £ are inevitable.
- Was religion behind the GWB+Blair plan to destroy Sunni rule in Iraq, hand it Shia Iran, and fire Sunni/Shia endless wars to avenge 9/11?
- BoE £5.7bn capital reduction to raise banks’ lending by ~£150bn would fail if lenders judge post-Brexit credit risk to be too high.
- Tantalised by the mirage of the Special Relationship, Blair invited himself to Bush’s Iraq War.
His influence was zero.
UK got hurt.
- To Brexiters who dismissed all reasoned studies/warnings
£ sank--$1.28
£10 bn in 3 commercial property funds suspended
M&A activity down 50%
- Had the Gvt invested sufficiently in NHS to meet population growth, anger at migrants would have been less & Brexit would not have happened.
- "A short history of the British £"
 https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2016/06/a-short-history-of-the-british-pound/ …
£ is in a mess unless UK productivity beats that of China, Germany, Japan & US.
US/UK special relationship is a mirage
1956:US ordered UK out of Suez
1990:US enabled German unity despite Thatcher’s “no”
Brexiters beware.

- "Was there a Brexit graduate gap?"
Leave voters in the 30 areas with:
Most elderly; 27
Fewest graduates; 28
English; 30
- Brexit is a tragic collective hysteria incited by duplicitous politicians, now savagely stabbing each other in the back.
- Brexiters are blind to a powder-keg Europe (150 wars in past 2 cent).
Wake-up warmongers. Today, remember the Battle of the Somme.
- Had the gvt. invested sufficiently in the NHS to accommodate a rapidly growing population, much of the anger at migrants wouldn't exist today.

- "Brexit loophole? MPs must still vote in order for Britain to leave the EU, say top lawyer."
"There's no force whatsoever in the referendum result."

- As Brexit calamitous political polarisation+risk of wrecking UK union+economic recession are grasped, begging to remain in EU will emerge.

- UK Supreme Court should rule whether the EU referendum's result is a recommendation for parliament to debate or an order to implement.
- How much of Brexit leaders hatred of the EU is hatred toward Germany’s economic triumph?
- £ mirrors world view of UK power & prospects.
Brexit sank £ by 15% =>
Up (import cost/interest%/mortgage%/jobless%)=>
Less (GDP/wealth/NHS).

- An act of self-harm:
Cameron: "My 'mad' MPs forced EU vote on me"
Referendum let demagogues manipulate masses.
Parliament should have decided.
- It's the poisonous hatred-of-the-other air engendered by the Brexit demagogues & gutter media that awakened the demons in Jo Cox’s assassin.
- Dangerous days ahead manipulated by far-right demagogues & media acrobats to exploit the raw instincts of the masses.
- Jo Cox assassin's revolting defiance in court is consistent with the toxic effect of Brexiters’ xenophobic poison.
- Hate-the-other grows from nationalism or religion.
Brexiters do the former. Wahhabis do the latter.
Like riding a tiger, it'll devour both.
- It is the politics of the gutter & atmosphere of hatred engendered by Brexit opportunists and demagogues that killed Jo Cox.
- Brexiters are fact-bankrupt
Without shred of evidence, they insult rigorous studies by G20,G-7,IMF,OECD,ECB,NATO,B of E,CBI,IFS,LSE,Treasury
- Beware of the dark consequences of any gain by US and European far right nasty demagogues.
 - Treatises/conventions, even marriage, mean a little sovereignty gets compromised. UK has 100s, which one(s) Brexiters will dump after EU

- Behind Trump’s support of Brexit lurks plan to kill Euro’s role as reserve currency in order to tighten US$’s grip on world trade/politics.
- Brexiters mustn’t confuse NATO w/ EU:
NATO defends West from Putin et al.
EU defends Europe from itself (150 wars in 200 yrs).
- Which of the 100s of intl treatises & conventions UK has do Brexiters want to dump after EU?
- Bojo’s only route to No. 10 is through pretending Brexitism.
Should he win, he'll then beg Germany for re-admission.
- Taken out of UK amid Brexit fears:
- Brexit'll crush £=> up imports prices=> up int%=> up motgage%=> slow foreign investments=> leave City=> slow GDP=> up unemployment%=> hurt NHS.
- Brexiters propagate petty anti-migrant rhetoric, primitive voodoo economics, dangerous isolationist defeatism, sovereignty slogans & falsehoods.
- The EU referendum has been a gigantic error.
Too vital to hand to opportunists & demagogues, EU issues are the preserve of parliament.
- EU is parliament’s preserve, not referendum.
Isolationists’ focus on migration, not UK/EU/West security in a Europe addicted 2 war is tragic
- Brexiters, please ask yourselves:
Who is more dangerous to UK, Putin (who strategizes to weaken EU & Western alliance) or EU immigrant?
- Brexiters, like Trumpters, are demagogues.
But, closet Brexiters and closet Trumpters are more dangerous demagogues.
- Whoever next POTUS is, low interest % will persist.
A 1% rise on $19 trls in ntl debt=$190 bln/yr. in added cost.
Too expensive
- That EU is anti-UK is utter lie.
Brexiters would rather cowardly quit EU than courageously assert UK interests.
- EU is beyond economics, migrants, sovereignty--a union to avert war in a Europe w/ 180 wars over past 300 yrs.
Putin wants EU breakup like USSR.
- That Bojo+Co thoughtlessly+immediately dismiss all rigorous scientific+economic analysis by UK+EU gvts+intl bodies is theatrics+demagoguery.
- IF US/West r honest, they should help spread MB parliamentary democracy of Tunis+Morocco+Egypt to Arab army+royal tyrannies.
- US' focus on the Far East can't tolerate a divided EU.
Brexiters’ll weaken UK & isolate it from EU+US.
Putin must love Bojo & co.
- R Ghanouchi is a giant hero.
Tunis' Nahda Party separating mosque from CityHall is true political Islam reform.
Oh Arabs masses, demand same.
- Bojo & Co beware
 Brexit “would hurt the economy, an overwhelming majority of economists said in a Reuters poll”
- Brexiters r economic illiterates.
They know only vulgarities to heap on scientific analysis by IMF, OECD, G20, CBI, LSE, Treasury, B of E...
- Brexiters voodoo economics will weaken further an already weak GDP dominated by services (80%) but weak on Industry (20%).
- Brexiters nationalistic demagoguery will isolate UK from EU+US and push Scotland out of UK.
Putin must love Bojo!
- Brexiters’ll decimate UK workforce in computer tech, construction, domestic, food, hotels, NHS, retail, transport…
- To avenge the collapse of USSR, Putin must v proud of Bojo & co. for working so hard to weaken UK/EU.
- Brexiters' EU hatred is hatred of German power.
But, UK decimated Mfg (32% in 1970, 12% in 2009) 4 fin+bus services (16% in 1970, 33% in 2009)!
- Today is Sykes-Picot 100 anniversary.
S-P assumed moderate Hanafi Sunnism.
But, Saudi Wahhabicult turned minorities life hell.
Needed: A new map.
- In comparing EU's peace aims to Hitler’s war aims, Bojo & co show their theatrics+demagoguery to be boundless.
- can only heap insults/slogans on serious UK+EU+US gvt warnings & on scientific analysis by IMF, OECD, G20, NATO, CBI, LSE, B of E
- ' stems from delusion of and lack of to compete/ influence the other.
- Foreign & defence chiefs from every admn over the past 40 years have warned:
"Don’t vote for "
- ' pathological would cost the , , & "special relationship".
#Putin loves Brexiters.

- 10% can't afford to be enemy of 75% in a gripped by .
Alawis' biggest enemy is 's on Sunnis.
- Empowering since 9/11-->decades of / wars-->polarize+radicalize further--> export --> raise .
- prospects must be dim.
£ is up to $1.4725 (7:45 am)
On April 7, 2016: Low of $1.41
- prospects must be down.
£ is up to: $1.4649 @ 6:48 am
- r obsessed w/ parochial isolation, blind 2 war addiction--150 in 2 cent.
WW1 killed>15 mil. WW2>60 mil.
#EU=UK+world peace
- “We know that division in is dangerous”
The -Berlin 6/24/2015
"US &entire world needs a united Europe"
- To get the job, Boris & Co want to turn against and .
How Dumb?!
- must learn that the is the JUNIOR party in the special relationship the bestows upon it.
- To become PM, is happy 2 put at the “back of the queue.
Don't let him.
UK needs special US relationship far more than the
- The grants raises world status.
#Brexiters' attack on =the vulgarity of his reception in
- lash out economics waffle at reasoned scientific analysis of , , , , Bk of England...
- visits
Hapless chieftains have become even bigger as + gave Iraq+Syria to Qom.
- 54% of Britons would stay in –ICM poll
Top r opportunists seeking ’s job
- shall never forgive or forget 9/11.
Sooner/later 'll face the music 4 inventing & spreading the .
- April 17,1946: Syria gained from .
Syrians must be reflecting on the fruits of liberation brought them.
- emotionally & simplistically lash out at Bank of England, , , .…
- of England says" looming is already having a negative effect on the "

- 50-yr , 7 farcical ~100% wins, rigged drove to revolt against crimes.

- r blind to ’s vile history--150 in 2 cent. WW1 killed>15 mil. WW2>60 mil.
Next war’ll incinerate all
#EU prevents war
- must love all regardless of why they dispise the .
- r to disaster.
150 wars in 2 cent. killed>15 mil. >60 mil.
Next war’ll make old wars=child play
- Is it really nutty to expect to resign over his & family's dishonorable mention in like 's PM did?
How good r dreams of w/o ?
#Europe had150 wars in 2 cent.
killed>15 mil. >60 mil
#EU=+world peace
- expose +co
My 2012 article shows how gvt budget 2007-09 ignored acctg for $17 bil oil rev
- beware:
£ value collapsed ~10% vs $ over past 6 mos.
£ encapsulates mkt view of future strength vs rest-of-world.

- UK GDP is weak:
Risky finance+bus services(16% in 1970, 33% in 2009, 38% by 2020.
Mfg(32% in 1970, 12% in 2009, less in 2020)
EU is UK savior
- sources r weak:
Risky +bus services (16% in 1970, 33% in 2009).
Mfg (32% in 1970, 12% in 2009).
- beware:
economy is capricious. It rests on risky / & on depleting reserves.
#EU is the safety net.
- beware.
150 conflicts since 1900s. WW1 killed>15 mil. WW2 killed>60 mil.
#EU is best for +
- 's destruction will forever stand witness 2 Wahhabi barbarism.
Like , razed ’s ruins, blasted ...
- Bangladesh+Indonesia+Pakistan+Turkey=~55% of world
All have + PM & president.
states have neither.

- Not only oil+arm sales make US/UK protect alSauds .
It also keeps backward+Muslims killing 1 another
- Not only oil+ sale drive US/UK protection of :
Violent = bacwardness+ wars
- A far right camouflages his hatred of the by pretending a holier than thou concern for the poor & societal harmony.
- hate-the-other creed infested the colourful religio/ethnic tapestry of the .
Time for .

- beware:
will leave.
will end “special relationship”.
#Putin shall celebratr the weaker +.
- Wary of +$35/bbl oil+war on +deceitful can make like Afghan 4 Putin.
So he quit.
Asad weakened.
#Geneva has hope.
- ’ tirade vs 's call 4 a strong in a strong is dumb Boris +.
UK needs US far more than US needs UK.
- :"My 'mad' MPs forced on me.
But, strong true leaders don't let ignorant masses shape national destiny.
- The is becoming a on 's .
- And now, for the passing of the buck of failure:
" says allowed to become a 's*** show'":
- March 8, 1963: 's destruction started by the of a lowly officer called .
- must love and big mouth !
- 's break-up drives to actively seek break-up.
- To keep the backward, / protect non-representative while waging war against .
To defeat IS "is 2 offer a better product 2 the millions of young Muslims"
It's called"Muslim democracy"
"The naval& air presences in Syria r vulnerable, isolated geographically from their homeland"
"They could be 'disarmed'
- The collapse in £ value vs $ shows distrust of if exists the .
- The is the answer to 's age-old of ancient destructive and 20th Century + .
- = cut your nose to spite your face.
- “We know that division in Europe is dangerous and that we must guard against it”
The in .
June 24, 2015.
Price wars btwn oil & renewables'll be fierce until oil is driven out of business.
- What propagates for the ?
A & 7 farcical with 100% contrived yesses legitimate zero.
- The dream and the loot that +psychopatic son handed to their for 50 years has become dust.
- / alliance breeds in US/.
Might US change policy?
Not if benefits from / wars exceed loss from
- Every , , city & village destroys shall bury future in the world deeper.
What a dumb !
- who think Admn would cut 's dominance over them are delusional.
's fate must wait for possibly 2017 Admn.
- + can't put together again.
10% , seen as by 75% , can't abuse forever.
- Encouraged by inaction, annexed , harbored , and occupied .
2017 must reassert US interests & credibility
- A out of would be music to 's ears.
- IF avenging 9/11 were the , GWBush+OB won.
They unleashed to destroy .
- Fearful of in ,
to avert a repeat of ,
to quit before the 2017 ,
#Putin’s ’ll get nastier.
- on relegates a critical issue to every Tom, Dick & Harry.
True strong turn to instead.
- , w/ so many , , , disparities, , age-old is a .
#EU is the savior
- ’s “” is 2 save .
Opp. must reject it.
Putin can’t do long wars. At $30/bbl Moscow $ is a mess+ Russia's Islam
- An state is +son end game.
Seen as by in -intoxicated , the new state will never see .
- 100 yrs of / protection of nasty and bred .
Time to try a-la ++.
- humiliated too many times. Next US admn can bury Putin in . 2017 could be black for .
- 3 is doomed unless & co see impossibility for 10% , seen by as , to abuse 75% Sunnis forever.
- this, iPhone that.
Time to invent something new that’ll change the world, !
Steve Jobs did. Live up to his .
- covering-up for ’s visit = .
- To fight , the should coax to adopt the political system in ++.
- is still useful to in:
#Weapons buying
- In ignoring ’s revolution against ’s tyranny & in siding with , the admn drove despairing masses to .
- To raise prices, might trigger a new to force a cut in oil production/exports!
- In the race for the bottom between & , ’s top cleric opined that forbids .
- Since 9/11:
gave to .
gave to Iran.
Result: IS got born & / wars & enmity deepened.
- Might the 75% collapse trigger a new to force a drop in production/exports and reverse the rout?
- Given / wars history, what if / become Russia's poodles if clips Iran's wings!
And, Qom becomes a poodle!
- ’s cost is ~$5.4/bbl.
World mkt price is $29/bbl.
Even @ $10/bbl, Iran can still pump.
Further rout in is inevitable.
- reaction to ’s lifting:
Rulers (especially royals)--big mouth hot air nonsense.
- support of 's hegemony over angers not only its hapless tribal royals, it drives humiliated masses into .
- At $30/bbl macho can't sustain a long war fighting in Syria.
His folly mirrors that of the in .
- Starving kids to death exposes gang's 50-yr hatred toward citizens.
#Sectarianism shall burn +other minorities.
- To kill , only a post-Asad army can.
won't kill IS brethren.
- / war against culminated in removing , the only freely elected & aiding ’s .

- The intensification of confrontation between and would drive more frustrated angry to ranks.

- That starved tens of families in Madaya to death shall be avenged.
Dumb Asads killed future in the 90% Sunni .
- The is 90% .
Take your pick

- Why has d protected for 100 yrs?
Keep Arabs disunited/backward. Arabs=threat 2 West in
- Since 9/11, became a superpower with interested in ++ while sidelining /+ .

- 100 yrs of + betrayal of values in lands bred in US+.
Time for the democratic model of ++.
rules non-Arab
US/UK 100-yr protection of bred in US/EU. 
Try Tunis+Morocco+Morsi recent democracy

- W/ - genie out, thanks 2 handing to +OB's politics, killing of widened the gates of .

- To douse fires in +, West must abandon Arab + tyrannies & spread ++ model.

/ historic blunders: 
-Watch breed 9/11,,... 
-End ’s 1st  
-Fan / wars