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JAN 1, 2015 - JUNE 30, 2015

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JAN 1, 2015 - JUNE 30, 2015  

Wining & dining Sisi in , a toxic putsch officer, is not only hypocritical, it fuels .

coalition gvt bewares:
=mortal danger to & Co.
is in !!

are scant, save for + . The latest slipped on 6/26 into & blew up a .

alone can’t kill .

must decide whether the + IS invokes to justify its evil are authentic or not.

harms when it cites verses to justify evil acts.

If verses r authentic, Islam=. If false, Islam is undermined




15 words of :
“We know that division in is dangerous and that we must guard against it” The in June 24, 2015

must help MB dispel in Saudi/Qaeda/IS/BokoH

"There is no longer any question that is both & also ". But, is against

caused WW1+WW2.

is a brilliant construction 4 . must remain in + at all .

’s obsession w/ secrecy+keeping populace in the dark is in ruins, thanks 2 publishing 500k documents; many nasty .

can fulfill ’s quest 2 save the .
drives poor China to renewables for .

Morsi won 1st free election in + lands. 
’s siding w/ coup leader is .

must aid in //, not // attacks as being evil 2 kill

might burn Like //, if ’s keeps condemning to its only legitimate pres .

feign to exploit Q 4:59 to intoxicate w/ blind obedience+build useless 2 pretend being anti

- "Saudi Minister Yamani:‘Kissinger Was Behind 1974 Oil Shock’.

‘King Faisal sent me to the Shah of Iran, who said: Ask Henry Kissinger".

Tutankhamun’s father, Akhenaton (r1353-1336) BCE, was the 1st . He abolished all gods, rites & except the .

was a well-known concept 4 Arabs.

Among the many , Allah was the supreme . The ’s father name was .

beware: Never dream of ruling over the .

Learn from the the caused.

's & r best weapon vs & claim that democracy is evil 2 destroy Islam.

are those non-representative mocking ’s 41% win in free multi-party .

studying the possibility of letting travel without male ’s () permission:

is a new construction.

in and out of Iran should examine d validity of its + foundations.

a reply 2 651 victory shaped by diff in ,,,,,,,

's support of has become so clear that can't ignore in news briefings anymore. 
Enough to change policy? Don't know.

That ’s risk their lives 2 reach +, not or , tells volumes about where their heart & are

To the to rescue him, helps gain more except the , kept for the Alawi State.

’s is a outside but inside.

Lost all but the . Next gvt: Disssolve the army.

Said 2 face , lost all , kept 42-yr defacto .

Next gvt: Dismantle army. Save bils. Make formal peace.

A 3rd rate ½-mil man +. Pretending to face , it lost every except 1: the

Lie: ’s huge is 2 face

Fact: 67 yrs of +losing all + & country Next : Abolish the army

Like go-go bank bosses who led to the 2008 bkg ruins, blames associates 4 ’s disasters, not the sick he instilled.

On  day from 's , 90% of those he considers "" will cry: 

beware: Never of over majorities,

tried, only to burn and .

1878-1920: had 3 PMs (,,).

85 yrs of Saudi Wahhabi preaching made life today.

Sultan Atrash (d1982), Minority head/ hero refused high office 2 protect Druze.

(d2000) ousted elected 2 rule

/// can’t defeat .

Only a army can.

Sunni , after Asad, can.

Could +allies not have bombed on route to ?

The IS/US// dynamic is intriguing!

raised 2 major non-NATO ally=

Credit 2

Discredit 2 claim PD is vs .

That penalty was highest ($2.4bl/$5.7bl)


Former go-go CEO+traders suffered from a nasty case of the of the .

- Injustice:

Owners of 5 of world's largest bks were fined $5.7bln 4 . Casino gambling CEOs+traders pocketed .

drive, w/ help, is . It’ll intensify 1000-yr / / 4 next 1000 yrs.

Why is US doing this?

-  sharp tool to recruit :

Overrun cities so that & come to Iraqi rescue.

+ forces can’t break IS. They’ll drive to Islamism.
Only Sunni forces should IS.

that'll swell & ranks:
, illegitimate pres, condemns ’s only pres to death.

+ preach , yet protect nasty abusive of & rights in +other states!

Would Mr. request his + guests today 2 cease equating w/ being conspiracy 2 destroy ?

A part of ’s against should be support 2 & groups that embrace .

+3 rulers’ absence from is .

Bigger will make hapless even bigger .

- could end control over as a vs oil importers like , ...

leader + avoid stoking +Brown's +"" the fantastic ....

Blaming :

: They bred 2008 fin crisis.

Commission Pres : They would dismantle the EU after a .

’s rout:

’s success in curing ’s ruinous record+” the great & his .

- Today, ’s to win No. 10 has failed.

The proved smarter than he thought.

recent call to destroy all =

, , , , .

Astounding that acts as if 10% abuse of 75% is sustainable, even with ’s sharpest .

EdMiliband mentor :

Sold @ lowest $ in 20 yrs Moved bank control from Let go-go cause 2008 bkg ruin

July 1999-March 2002 sold ~58% of @ avg $277/oz, lowest in 20 yrs.

Sept 2011, gold was $1,780/oz.

Needed: A to help preserve 's most precious ; .

: Please !

helped breed .

His 30/8/2013 scuttling of vote on action vs use was +

To & disgrace, chief, Gen. Mir, fled on horseback & runaway were later found herding goats in hills.

enabled , so that West'll save him.

IS might devour ’s . Ironic when turns on the .

+ hurt ;thus deal.

Qom top dog (w/ help) despite /+/ hatred=decades of

UN's told private gathering in Wash: " has been channeling as much as $35 billion a year into "

, NOT .

disgraced +.
must examine of the in the & co use 2 justify .

Shia rule on behalf of the . If they wish, they can Laws.

A ever?

Unlikely. But, (//) could modernize .

, visionary who led 2 , Egypt's only pres, is jailed for 20 yrs

& legacy?

+ 2008 meltdown of those go-go years....

M ’e, who led the Party into , is in red suit.

said when he was : "No return to /

Kissinger resigned chairmanship of d 9/11 Commission when d Senate Ethics Comtee demanded he disclose his client list



humiliation of / in //// indicts a system of .

When finally embraced & won ’s 1st free election overthrew him & hailed

The threat posed by a powerful to interests in is far greater than the threat of .

شاعر إيراني شهير يدعو إلى تحريم الحج لـ "كعبة العرب"
Famous Iran poet: Ban the Mecca pilgrimage

favor vs . Why?
, , all 12 Imams are Arab, 7 holy / are in Iraq (4 , 1 Iran).

To avert bkg meltdown, restore Act:
"How captured ’s effort to rein in "

+$20/bbl 4 few yrs= a .

No $=No mischief in &/or aid 2 //...

helps kill while helps Shia kill Sunnis.
Is this 2 fuel ? Sell ? 9/11?

Proverb: If neighbor is ok, you’ll be ok.

Had “royals” allowed into their club, today's might have been averted

, but , "royals" kept neighbor ruthlessly until struck.

Report card
83-yr rule: bred 9/11///// Disgraced + Lost Syria/HA/Iraq/Yemen 2

Handing + 2 = for 9/11.
/ of ahead Many in : Sell 2 both 2 each other

Lifting will blunt the effectiveness of on , a blow to 's only : $/.

Why is aiding kill in while aiding Shia kill Sunnis in
Avenging 9/11!

9/11= of estremist .

2day=bankruptcy of Saudi

3/23/2015: 's , died.
could have been a Lee Kuan Yew.But, he chose , instead. He burned .

To top IS :

top prize given to Indian who blames GWB for 9/11 Saudi : all

9/11: got out of the . All the 's horses+all king's men couldn't, so far, put together again.

already over Iraq/Syria/HA/Yemen+the hapless GCC. 
Why pay the & costs for an A bomb!

- In its w/ for the nastiest prize ’s :
all in ”.

The changed when fell in 1989 and on 9/11.

In both cases, became ’s new .

deal will:

End Confirm as top Hapless /=bigger Rivers of /

To avenge 9/11, handed / to .

War of the , started in 657 near , will go on for 1000 yrs more.

defeated hapless corrupt

But, it can't Decades of / ahead. V !

Opening the gates of :
" is capital of new Empire...All of the ME is Iranian" Ali Younesi, top President adviser

Blind razed ’s 1000s yrs

depleted much of Saudi’s mil-yr on greening a desert

Hail ’s new :
your & go to up to 20 yrs. Dispose of her & do up to 2 yrs. May learn!

How did evolve to treat as ?
, the ’s 1st for 25 yrs was precious to Him. He was .

Today, March 8, is date in 1963 +4 co-conspirators overthrew last elected , .

hate + 4 fear of falling into . So, razed its , blasted , ruined

Like & ’s , ’s ceased to be : It embraced .

/=Iran safety net

threat vs =hot air, as long as HA can To HA, Asad must go

To compete w/ over who is a better "gives top prize to cleric who blames for 9/11":


Close aid, Mahdi Talib:

must eat less to help fighters in ///:

To defeat :

+ . can’t provide Sunny army. Revived can.

Former pres told :

A 2 assume office is superior to 1 person

Despite the presence of more than one million in , there is not a single Sunni

Oil war:

said late last year he wouldn't cut even if plunged to $20 a barrel.

+ drop to, say, $20/bbl for 3-4 yrs & could be deflated

was against the .

wreaks his upon his own .

Not all salafis are Wahhabis. Wahhabis have agendas.

657:Near , war vs gov Muawiya
680:, Ali's son killed by Umayad Caliph

claims project is for & . But has world’s 4th biggest & 2nd .

must cost $trillion:

army 2 retaliate + 2 supply HA ++Iran works must be 4

's is disputed by important and in & outside of .

With every scores in , hapless become more obedient poodles to . 's latest is !

is NOT a evil
+ are part of + govts.

invokes parts in the to justify heinous acts. must examine the of those parts.

's with is . It will intensify 1000-yr old / & for the next 1000 yrs.

buys $5.7 bil =
~$70 per Egyptian. If , adds to ~$1 bil/yr. Planes' to run ~1 bil/yr. Some !

“My reaches no agreement that is an error" =: Elected enact sound laws.

sued 4 doubting Abraham/Ismail Mecca story. Found innocent.

1932: Demoted from univ dean 2 elementary ed suprvsr

1925: scholar A : is unconcerned w/ system+ isn’t basic part of Islam. 
Azhar condemned /banned.

Explicable If let / war burn:

US=’s 9/11 killers=Saudis

critical 2 Sunni (H )

Centuries of abuse of led to horrific revenge, which'll make Alawites future ugly.

Dream of .

offensive ignores:

/ rivalry

/ hatred

/ retaliation power Greater Iran=Bigger /

TV bans 2 shows No-shows @
ruler+ + Sisi Tunis came

pro- policy ignores realities:

/ rivalry/ hatred /$ might Or, policy's 2 fuel Sunni/Shia war

who condemn ' r .
Should examine of the parts of the .

The greater ’s gains in lands become, the greater / will become.

Smart save their from .

’s turned into the / .

the new in to veer towards further , not , , or genuine .

Expect little change in until war threatens to .

Oil=v high % of gvt fin.

$1/bbl drop=~$500 mil/yr rev drop.

- In his 1961 farewell address, Pres. warns the people to keep a careful eye on the "- ".

US media blitz=fear war’ll make him too pricy 4 2 save ($44.5 bbl=~$40 bil drop 2015).

So, beg to join on IS

-  anti- stance is a designed 2 ingratiate itself w/ while leading the march in Iraq/Syria/HA.

is mightier than . A sustained drop (now $45/bbl) could make Asad too pricey for / to save.

is the of . Together with a brutal , absolute rule reigns .

Oil majors' = ruse.

World use: 1980: 60 mil bbl/day 2013: 90 mil= savior: = end oil .

Control over by in order to pressure rivals protected Riyadh's use of & bred 9/11, , & .

's trooping to for of on death of of breeders of 9/11//...

- S  death effect on oil $?

Nil. Why?

Joint act by senior w/ cover 2 harm //

daren’t harm Putin/Iran alone

: economy, political markets, political religion, political justice.

6 of top 8 porn-searching countries:

1, 2, /// 4/5/7/8

unlikely 2 react 2 hit
is enough+ cut 2015 rev ~$40 bil To fund: Up &or cut /HA $ Up tax=

+1/ negotiations

New realities should make Iran yield: & are + (now $48.2/bbl)

600-mile wall vs IS. But, jump walls.

Saudi is at war with it bred: /.

The 3 now fight over true .

- That failed 2 reverse , using "medical" ruse 2 refrain this wk=royal disinterest in facing .

As P5+1/Iran restart meetgs:

New : is soft. 

Cost of 2015 =~$40 bil.

++/… must become 1 package.

To :

Severe to force cut to . Invigorated to defeats Asad. FSA+ to defeat IS.

Expect softness during forthcoming P5+1 meetings.

~40 bil less 2015 would bring realism on +aid to /.

Shameful: rep allowed in rally though gvt 1000 4 mocking & .

Shame on West’s duplicitous leaders whose was asleep while was on Jan 9 for “.

Q) What’s behind ?

A) +

Fire = , , .

Dynamite = .

win/win 9/11 plan:


If fails, hand 2 : Iraq/Syria/HA & Let war burn.


Behind ?
 sentenced  4   to: 
10-yr jail+1000 +$266k fine  
Will be lashed 50 times today


's non-stop anti / offensive was too severe (// //).

(now ~$47/bbl) cuts 2 size.


Admn strategy is a continuation of post 9/11 strategy:

Hand to , empower , let burn.

blamed for loss. He
blamed Ottoman abandonment of Islam. 
Enter & .

8/29/2013: scuttled vote on vs use of .

8/31/2013: decided to get ok. Never did.

What prompted to suddenly decide on 8/29/2013 to scuttle on vs ’s use of ?

2015 might see merged into , sidelined, & IS battling .

, enabled by Asad, might still devour him.


Effect of ?

On : side with .

On Arab of Iran SC & of IS: Hold on tighter.

Her will fortify &

She'll add to 's .

is mightier than .

altered power blocs. 

: Becoming too pricey for / to save.

just decided to try 2 in for .

cleric had warned: driving risks damaging ’s