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Is Bashar Asad a Nice Person Surrounded by a Wicked Clique? Or,
the Son of the Devil Incarnate?



Bashar Asad’s apologists propagate that he is a nice person surrounded by a nasty coterie of opportunists. It is argued here that Bashar is the boss of a wicked Mafia family of sycophants and that he is personally responsible for the long suffering of the majority of Syrians and the destruction and dismemberment of most of their homeland



The Childhood in a Home of Intrigue, Conspiracy, and Betrayal

Bashar’s father, Hafiz, was deceitful, cunning, cruel, and recklessly adventurous. Bashar inherited his father's DNA. He learned by example. When he was 15 years of age, he witnessed his father and uncle, Rif'at, destroy the city of Hama in February 1982. He watched the killing of tens of thousands of men, women, and children; the maiming of hundreds of thousands; the destruction of most of that city of 400,000 inhabitants; the execution of thousands; and, the forced migration of tens of thousands to neighboring countries. Earlier, on June 27, 1980, the day following a failed assassination attempt on Hafiz, hand grenades and machine-guns annihilated at least five hundred inmates in the cells of the notorious Palmyra jail.

The Police State 

Bashar Asad presides over a monstrous police state composed of myriad blood curdling “Abu Ghraib” type prisons with demonic interrogation dungeons manned by sadistic security men. He inherited this monstrous network from his father, who had made himself president for thirty years before his demise in 2000. A million eyes and ears snoop in schools, universities, mosques, and offices. Like that of his father, Bashar’s killing machine bulldozes its way through Syrian society. Live ammunition is used to disperse unarmed demonstrators. At the slightest suspicion, victims are arrested and tortured; some spend years in prison without charge. Others might expire under torture. Wives and children of dissidents are often hauled away and tortured in order to reveal the whereabouts of a wanted relative and/or to force the wanted person to surrender.
The cruelty of the regime is legendary. Amnesty International documented 38 types of torture used against detainees; including, electrical shocks, pulling out fingernails, burning genitalia, forcing objects into the rectum, beatings while the victim is suspended from the ceiling and on the soles of the feet, alternately dousing victims with freezing water and beating them in extremely cold rooms, hyperextending the spine, bending the body into the frame of a wheel and whipping exposed body parts, using a backward-bending chair to asphyxiate the victim or fracture the spine, and stripping prisoners naked for public view.[1]
The Mafia Enterprise

In its illegitimacy, lawlessness, and violence, the Asad regime is a Mafia family. At best, the enterprise might have counted on the support of about a third of the population. Today, with most of the country demolished and dismembered, junior might produce 20%. Shielding the family from most of Syria’s 75% Sunni majority are trusted Alawite soldiers. An outer protective ring is composed of opportunistic non-Alawi soldiers and hangers-on. The relashionship between the Asads and their security commanders is one of mutual dependency: Help the Asads’ hold on power and you will get very rich quickly. Institutionalized corruption keeps the enterprise together. Breaking the law with impunity is the glue that binds the group. Dissolve the glue and the entire edifice will collapse.
The Ultimate Act of Evil

The father's legendary viciousness is exceeded only by the son's cruelty and treachery. In dealing with Syria's popular revolution since March 18, 2011, he killed and maimed 2-3 million citizens, may be more, made around six million citizens refugees in Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey in addition to six millions displaced within Syria. He and his Russian and Iranian mercenaries bulldozed most of Syria's major cities; Aleppo, Homs, Hama, Idlib, Deir Ezzor, and Raqqa.
To destroy most of the homeland, Bashar Asad must suufer from a serious mental disorder. He exhibits psychopathic characteristics, such as, inflated sense of self-worth, pathological lying, deceitful glibness, conning of others, lack of remorse or empathy, shallow emotions, lack of realistic goals, impulsiveness, using and blaming others, criminal acts in several realms (criminal versatility).[2]
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