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Oil and God

Elie Elhadj provides a deeply researched analysis of how the Arab Middle East has been destabilized by ill-inspired and ignorant international interventions. By the middle of the twentieth century the region’s arguably under priced oil resources were clearly essential for the world’s rapidly developing but energy scarce economies. Oil producers and consumers had promising mutual interests but manipulative global forces encouraged internal sectarian conflict and forms of dependence that favoured authoritarian government.  A peaceful outcome might have been possible if those intervening had understood the religious and tribal history of the region. Would that those who still do not would digest the evidence in this remarkable book. They could enable the region and the world to escape another century of unforgivable carnage, unnecessary poverty and wasted trillions.
Professor Tony Allan, King's College London and SOAS London


An intriguing and powerful book by a uniquely qualified author that provides a vivid insider’s view of Saudi Arabia’s use of its vast oil wealth to dominate the Middle East and the Sunni Islamic world.  The dynamic and courageous author minces no words in issuing a stern warning to the United States and its European allies that the Saudis have no intention of using their control of the Middle East and Sunni Islam to promote democracy or moderate Islam.  To the contrary, this richly informed and elegantly written book demonstrates conclusively that  Saudi domination of the Middle East will bring nothing but terror, tyranny, and Wahhabi extremism to the region.  I firmly believe that Dr. Elhadj’s insightful book is a must read for everyone concerned about the future of the Middle East.
Professor Monte Palmer recent books include The Future of the Middle East: Faith, Force, and Finance, The Arab Psyche and American Frustrations, and Islamic Extremism(with Princess Palmer). He is the former Director of the Middle East Centers at the Florida State University and the American University of Beirut.

A brilliant surgical dissection of the Middle East and its problems. For expert and lay reader alike this book will serve as the primer for understanding, in depth, the tensions and geopolitics of the region, their cause and their likely outcome. It is a magisterial work, set out simply and clearly by a man of great experience and erudition uniquely qualified for such a complicated task'.
David Cazalet, Composer and producer of Requiem for Aleppo - First performed on April 23, 2017 at Sadler's Wells Theatre in London.
Oil and God analyses the complicated politics of the Middle East brilliantly through the prism of oil and religion. The book is concise and succinct in narrative. It doesn't shy away from examining certainties and beliefs (with great sensitivity). I found the linkages among key issues particularly revealing. For instance, the reasons for the anti-green energy thrust in the US are made clear as is US avoidance of confrontation with Saudi rulers. The knock-on effects of US interventions in Iraq, Iran's empowerment, Erdogan politics, Zionism, Obama's Middle East policies, etc. are all brought to light. And, the picking apart of the Assad regime is powerful. Having spent many years working with Egyptians I feel I understand that country's particular geopolitics better. Oil and God is an essential tool for Westerners interested in Middle Eastern affairs.
Ben Faccini, novelist, writer, and translator


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