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To supplement my own articles, I have selected what I consider to be important  contributions in:
                - On Wall Street, Bonuses, Not Profits, Were Real
                - Mervyn King on the Banking Crisis
                - On Banking Reforms Listen to Paul Volker
                - The Tale of Paul Paulson, AIG, and Goldman Sachs
                - Philip Bowering on 'Too Big to Succeed'
                - Vanity Fair Editor's Letter: Upstairs, Downstairs
                - NY Times OP-ED: Fight On, Goldman Sachs
                - The Good Banker: NY Times OP-ED
                 - US Foreigh Policy and Biblical Prophesy
                 - Onward Christian Soldiers
                 - How Israel Helped to Spawn Hamas
                 - The Choice Between Crop and Water in the Mideast 
                 - Agro-Imperialism?!
                      - Biofuel = Less Food
                     - Turkey Strives for 21st Century form of Islam

I hope the selection is useful.